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To use this control add references in your project to MapControl.dll and GeoFramework.PocketPC.dll (



  • Center (GeoFramework.Position) - set or get center of the map
  • LoadingText (string) - text showing on loading map's tile
  • MapProvider (enum) - provider for map (Bing only)
  • MapType (enum) - type of map (roadmap, satellite, hybrid)
  • ShowNavigator (bool) - show simple navigator with zoom
  • ShowTilesBorders (bool) - only for debug
  • ZoomLevel (int) - zoom level of map (1-17)


  • Position (GeoFramework.Position) - position of the marker
  • Image (TransparentImage) - image of the marker. it must be TransparentImage instance because there is problems with transparency

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